Sheet Metal Components

Stamped / Pressed parts are used in varieties of applications like riveting, Fitting, Supports, Locking, Fastening & for various uses in electromechanical & Automobile Industries. It comprises a lot of types like Washers, Lugs, Tags, Gaskets, Links, Banana Plugs, Terminals, Tapping Clips, Hinges etc.

Apart from Plain Washers, all other varieties are exclusively developed as per custom designs & demands. Material: Brass, Copper & Steel are the universally used in most of the applications.

Other Metals such as Phosphorus Bronze & SS can be made available as per custom request. Material grade followed for Brass Metals is IS 410: 63-37 Half Hard: CuZn37. Any High Grade material can be followed for any metals as per custom specification. Sizes & Types: Any Stamped/Pressed Part can be produced from 0.50mm Thickness to 5.00mm Thickness.

Plane Washers are available in Standard Sizes from M2 to M25. Flat Washer, Star Washer, Teeth Washer, Spring Washer & Split Washers can be made available as per specific requirement. Other Parts are exclusively available as per custom design & Requirement. Finish: Natura, Nicke l, Tin or any coating as per custom specification.

Special Features of Brass Sheet Cutting Parts, Brass Pressed Parts: Sheet cutting and pressed parts can be made as per custom design and specification Material: Brass Sheet Half Hard as per IS 410 or 63/37 Half Hard Brass Sheet.

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