Rods, Tube & Ingots

We are Manufacturer and exporter of Copper Alloys, Brass Rods, Brass Tubes, Brass Flat Bars, Brass Flat Bars, Brass Sections, Brass Wires, Wire for Aquaculture in metal Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Zinc, Bronze etc.

We are leading and well recognized names in the field of offering Bronze Rods that find application in various core industries. Being of high quality, these P.B. Rods find usage in areas like in Gears, Pinions, Clips, Helical Torsion Springs, Heavy Duty Springs, Helical Extension Bellows, Chemical Hardware, Truss Wire, Perforated Sheets and Textile Machinery.

Further, these Bronze Rods also have many applications that include commercial and architectural uses. Some of the other areas of usage of the commercial bronze include for electrical, hardware and industrial purposes.

Made of copper and tin, it can also be used for applications like in fuse clips, switch parts, coinage, cymbals, springs, heavy duty fasteners, gears and other areas.

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